Pigeon Appreciation Day | A Tribute to The Peace Messenger

Men are social beings. But men find equal happiness with their pets. To some extent, animals are proven to be more loyal than humans. Surprisingly, Pigeons make fantastic pets. This loving, calm, faithful bird can express feelings like any other pet.

Although they like being petted, held, or riding their favorite human’s head and shoulder any time of the day, they are worthy of special recognition. Hence, Pigeon appreciation day is celebrated by millions of pigeon lovers every year.

Pigeon appreciation day

What is Pigeon appreciation day?

As the name implies, the day we celebrate to show our love, admiration, and respect to the harmonious bird is called ‘Pigeon appreciation day.’ Officially, international pigeon day is celebrated on 13th June worldwide. The date marks the death of a very vigilant and brave carrier pigeon Cher Ami – who saved more than 200 American lives by flying 25 km during WWI.

Wartime Service

A group of pigeons flies in the sky

Pigeons are of great service to humankind because of their natural homing abilities. During the first and second World wars, pigeons carried important messages from officials to the troops back and forth where telecommunications were impossible.

As a safe and harmless carrier, pigeons have contributed the most of all animals and helped win many battles. In WWI, the US army had 600 trained carrier pigeons who were equally important as soldiers. These pigeons were also suspected, held captive, shot, and wounded.

Also, when the sides in a battle want to sign peace agreements, they release pigeons. It has become a norm over time, making it the symbol of peace.

History of Pigeon Appreciation Day

Some pigeon enthusiasts celebrated the first national pigeon day on Friday, 13th June 2008, to represent their sacrifice and contribution in New York. They have repeatedly urged and submitted letters in early 2006 to congress representatives to officially make it national pigeon day regardless of this being a holiday.

Since then, it has been observed as International Pigeon Day worldwide by pigeon fanatics.

How to celebrate Pigeon Appreciation Day?

There aren’t any formal rituals or cultures on how it is celebrated. Here are some activities anyone can come up with to make this day extra special –

  • Post on social media – you can put your favorite birdie on stories, share your appreciation post on different bird and pigeons community groups, tweet, and tag!
  • Feed the Sunflower seed – Pigeons love to hop on sunflower seeds. Why not give them a handful of it?!
  • Donate – make donations to your local wildlife center and associations.
  • Join an event – check if any activities are going on at nearby pigeon clubs.
  • Bathe them! – Pigeons are extremely clean and they love to bathe.
  • Clean their place – Pigeons are more likely to be found in a neat and harmonious neighborhood. They choose to stay in a hygienic place. Keeping their place and the neighborhood tidy makes them happy.
  • Pigeon racing – you can arrange the Pigeon racing sports competition for trained homing pigeons. The fastest or the first homecoming is elected to be the winner.
pigeon and food

The Aim and Message of Pigeon Appreciation Day

Pigeon Appreciation day aims to send out a message to the world that a group of people are passionate about this peace carrier bird. The message conveys the importance of pigeons and promotes a positive image of them in society.

The day highlights how pigeons have served humankind since the dawn of civilization as the only source of delivering messages using their intelligence.

The day pays them the tribute for excellent service in the past and their sweet, pleasant and amiable nature. Some people care for them and try to support and protect them. The day of appreciation is necessary to communicate our love for pigeons.

Morality Behind ‘Pigeon Appreciation Day’

Pigeons have served a key role as food, pet, holy animals, and post carriers for more than a thousand years. They keep a balanced eco-diversity keeping us void of lonesome in parks and rooftops.

Imagine what Trafalgar Square, Venice Square, etc., would look like without a flock of pigeons?. They are one of the most vulnerable and neglected creatures in urban areas. We need to grant pigeons proper care and facilities to stop their extinction.

Final Words

We should raise awareness and build a greater support system to help them survive and thrive. Only commemorating a special day can help us uplift their honor in society. Let us all share the message of the necessity of Pigeons Appreciation Day and observe ourselves with the utmost enthusiasm!

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