Why Do Pigeons Fly Into Windows?

Pigeons never mean to fly into the window. Sometimes the surface of the window pan creates the reflection of the open sky or trees in the garden. They fly straight into it, assuming they are flying into the open space of landing on a branch of a tree. We’ll discuss some more reasons pigeons fly into windows.

why do pigeons fly into windows

Why Do Pigeons Repeatedly Hit Windows?

Like every bird, pigeons have natural behavior. Although they are calm, they sometimes become violent. However, repeatedly hitting the window may indicate another reason.

Sometimes vegetable or house plants behind the room can fool them, especially when window panes are vividly clear.

A pigeon sits in the window

There are also some reasons for which pigeons fly into windows.

  • Aggressive nature: Sometimes pigeons get naturally aggressive; they see their image in the window glass try to attack. This problem happens especially in spring.
  • Territorial nature of the Pigeon: The male bird tries to establish their territory. The male pigeons see his reflection in the window and start thinking it’s his rival in his territory. We find this habit in cardinals, mockingbirds, and robins also.
  • Breeding Season: Beginning of the breeding season, this habit can be crucial and it’s difficult to stop. However, when a male pigeon finds a mate and lives in a nest with eggs or younger, such behavior stops.

How Do You Stop Pigeons From Flying Into Windows?

Sometimes it may happen; you may have heard the sound, could discover that a pigeon has collided with the window. You can follow the methods below to prevent this from happening again.

1. Fending Off Avian Crashes at the Windows: Anything that makes the window looks solid from the outside. It will reduce accidents significantly. Even putting up blinds can help protect the birds from a fatal crash.

2. One-Way Transparent Film: One-way transparent film permits people from inside to outside but makes the window glass opaque on the outside. It will help the pigeon to avoid a deadly crash.

3. Installation of Light Net: Installation of a light net outside the window will prevent birds from bumping with the window pan. It’s flexible and easy to fit over the window.

4. Paint the Window with Tempera: Paint the window outside with tempera. You can do this at a low cost but long-lasting. Creative paint will beautify your window and save the bird’s life.

5. ABC Bird Tape: Attaching the tape in an ‘x’ pattern to your windows pan makes it clear to pigeons that it is a window.

6. Move Bird Feeder: If you keep your bird feeder near the window, it would not be safer for pigeons. A short distance from a window can be fatal for them.

What Should You Do If A Pigeon Has Flown Into A Window?

One study shows around one billion birds die every year because of window bumps. But the sad thing is that not all pigeons die immediately after the accident. They were just injured, their inability to fly making them more vulnerable to predators.

  1. Collect the Pigeon: When you hear a loud thud coming from your window, go outside to look if it’s a pigeon. This is important, as you don’t want any predators to see or take away.
  2. Observe Them Closely: Once you found the pigeon. Just study its behavior; if its injury is minor, it may take five to six minutes of recovery time. If you don’t get any response from the bird, take an action immediately.
  3. Handle Correctly: Handle the pigeon with great care. Use safety gloves when you handle the injured bird. Keep the bird in a box so that it can get sufficient air to breathe.
  4. Release the Bird: Once the pigeon completely recovers, take it outside and release it to the wild.
pigeons are flying in the sky

Final Verdict

Pigeons are dying around the world for crashing into windows. The number of pigeons is declining along with other birds around the world. Your little awareness can save a pigeon’s life, playing a significant role in enriching the bird species.

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