Do Pigeons Die After Mating? Is It Just a Myth?

Many animals die after their first reproduction, known as Semelparity or suicidal reproduction. There is a myth that Pigeons die after they mate.

Pigeons do not die after mating. But, they remain vulnerable after mating and can get ill easily or even die if they do not get proper food and environment.

This article will shed light on this myth and the possible reasons why pigeons die after mating.

Do Pigeons Die After Mating

Do Pigeons Die After Mating?

Pigeons do not die after mating. It is just a myth.

The average lifespan of a pigeon is about 6 years. In their lifetime, the female pigeons lay up to or more than 12 clutches of eggs.

Some studies even claim that pigeons mate and lay up to 6 batches of eggs in a year if optimum conditions are ensured. The female pigeons lay the eggs shortly after mating, requiring two to three weeks to hatch. Average female pigeons give birth to about 30 baby pigeons during their life.

A flock of happy pigeon

Moreover, pigeons are monogamous. So it is evident that neither the male nor the female pigeons die after mating.

There are some instances where pigeons have died after mating, but the causes of death are not necessarily just mating. There might be some other factors.

How does this myth evolve?

From the experiences of many pigeon owners, it is quite clear that mating does not cause death in pigeons. The myth of the death of pigeons after mating has been triggered by certain factors like- high levels of cortisol, rough fluctuations in temperature, age, deficiency of food, etc.

These factors can cause stress in pigeons after they mate. If they cannot get through the stress, they can even die.

Many people associate a pigeon’s death directly with mating since they notice their pigeons being sick and exhausted after mating, which sometimes leads them to death. Therefore, it has become a myth, and the new pigeon owners often get confused about it.

Why Do Some Pigeons Die After Mating?

In the studies of pigeon’s death after mating, few pigeon owners have said their pigeons died immediately after mating. The following factors can be responsible for some pigeon’s death after mating.

Stress caused by high cortisol level

After mating, pigeons show sluggish or even aggressive behavior due to the stress followed by mating. The high cortisol level during and after mating weakens their body’s defense mechanism and produces less energy, making them stressed. If they cannot cope with this stress, it can even lead them to death.


Pigeons can die after mating from stress due to their old age. Aged or weak pigeons cannot get along with the mating stress and eventually die.

Rough fluctuation in the temperature

Warm-blooded pigeons cannot survive in extreme temperatures. Both excessive warm or cold temperatures can cause a dire effect on pigeons’ health. Since they are already stressed after the breeding process, they become more vulnerable to extreme fluctuations in the temperature during that time.

Along with the external temperature, their body temperature rises high. If the outer temperature goes beyond their tolerance level, they become sick and can eventually die.

On the other hand, if the environment is too cold, the stressed pigeons cannot maintain their body temperature and get sick.

Attacks from the predators

Both in the wild and urban areas, predators find the chance to attack the weak or stressed pigeons after mating. Since pigeons become lethargic and weak during this time, they cannot fly quickly to escape predators. Therefore we interpret it as death followed by mating.

Scarcity of food

Pigeons can die after mating if food is scarce. Pigeons can survive without food for not more than 2 to 3 days. Domestic pigeons depend on their owners for food. Since they become weak and tired during the breeding process, they can be weaker and even meet their death if you do not provide them with enough food at that time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which animal dies immediately after mating?

Male and female Furcifer Labordi Chameleons, male marsupial mammal antechinus (all of its 12 species), male Drone Bees, and many other animals die immediately after mating.

Which animal kills its mate after mating?

Some animals, especially the female counterpart of a species, kill or eat up the male while or just after mating. This sexual cannibalism has been seen among Black Widow spiders, Scorpions, Female Praying Mantis, etc.

On the other hand, male Australian Redback spiders place themselves above their female counterparts’ jaws after mating.


Mating or reproduction is a stressful journey for pigeons or any other birds. But pigeons do not die after they mate; they may die due to unfavorable weather, food shortage, or predator attack. Therefore you can ensure your pigeons live a long life by providing them with proper food and environment during their breeding process.

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