Do Pigeons Leave Their Babies [It’s Not What you Think]

Pigeons don’t leave their babies unless predators force them. Any life-threatening situation they see, they leave their babies alone. Otherwise, it’s unusual to see pigeons abandon their babies.

The following contains a lot more information regarding it that might get you thrilled.

Do Pigeons Leave Their Babies

Do Pigeons Leave their Babies

Pigeons are very attentive parents. They don’t leave their kids alone. When female pigeons lay eggs, they become more protective. They guard their nests day and night and provide warmth to their babies.

For fear of unknown predators, pigeons don’t leave their babies until they are grown. Even if they go to find food, there’s always a parent guarding the child. So, we can say that pigeons are very good parents amongst the birds.

How Long Pigeons Stay With Their Babies

Baby pigeons with parents

Pigeons stay with their babies until the chicks become adults. It usually takes them four weeks. However, after the first two weeks, the kids are left alone for a short period. At that time, both parents go searching for food.

But during the first two weeks, pigeons never left their babies alone. There is always a parent to guard them. Baby pigeons are defenseless during this period as they can’t move, fly, hunt, or do anything. At that time, they need their parents to do proper caring.

However, if there are any life-threatening circumstances, we can see pigeons leave their babies overnight.

Why Do Pigeons Leave Their Babies

Pigeons leave their babies for some severe reasons. Humans’ interference is one of them. Here are some of the probable causes why pigeons can leave their babies.

Predators: If pigeons find any life-threatening predators, they leave their babies. Because it becomes difficult to fly with their babies. So they leave them. But they won’t leave their nest until they are truly scared off.

Human Interference: Human activities surrounding the nest might scare them off. Even if someone watches their babies so closely, they leave the nest. Also, loud voices or people walking around the nest make pigeons afraid. And if it happens frequently, they get no clue but to leave their babies.

How long can baby pigeons survive without their mother

Mother pigeons feed their kids every 3 hours. But if they don’t, the kids won’t survive more than one day.

A baby pigeon usually can survive 24 hours without food and water. They are helpless without their parents and need to be fed now and then.

What to do If You Find an Abandoned Baby Pigeon

Pigeons don’t abandon their babies unless there’s a threat. However, if you see one, don’t do anything at first. All you have to do is observe.

Find out whether the baby is nestling or fledgling.

Newborn pigeon
Newborn Pigeon

A nestling baby is young with fewer feathers, while the fledgling is a bit older. You’ll recognize a fledgling baby seeing its soft coat and fluffy feather.

Fledgling pigeon
Fledgling pigeon

If you find baby pigeons, whether it’s nestling or fledgling, observe them for the first couple of hours. Wait for the parents to return home. But if they don’t, follow our guidelines below.

Finding baby pigeons outside its nest

If you see baby pigeons outside their nest, there are indeed two things that might happen.

  • One, they have fallen from the nest.
  • Two, their parents abandoned them.

If they have fallen from the nest, their parents will take them back. In this case, If they find any human scent, It might go wrong as they won’t take their babies. So, at first, carefully watch them. If their parents don’t come, put them back in their nest.

But what if their parents abandoned them? Taking them back to their nest wouldn’t be good in that case. So, the question is, how’d you know that their parents left them? And what to do with the abandoned babies?

You’ll know an abandoned baby pigeon seeing its physical condition. If it’s too weak, there’s the possibility that it got left. At this, you have two choices.

  • Take them to the wildlife rehabilitation center.
  • Take responsibility for yourself. (If only you knew how to take care of baby pigeons)

Finding fledgling baby pigeons

If you find fledgling pigeon kids, their parents are likely nearby. All you have to do is.

  • Watch them from a distance.
  • Don’t pick them up and try to make them fly.
  • Put them in a safe place if they are in danger from anything.
  • If their parents don’t come, move them to their sheltered spot or take them to the nearest wildlife rehabilitation center.


Finding an abandoned baby pigeon is unusual. Pigeons usually don’t leave their babies alone. Indeed, you certainly know why pigeons leave their babies. So, if you see it happening, your best course is to tread lightly.

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